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Europe Film Festival

Award Winner - Best Drone Film 2021


Berlin Flash Film Festival

Award Winner - Best Experimental  08/2021


FilmmakerLife Awards

Award Winner- Best Experimental


New York Flash Film Festival

Finalist - Short Drone  10/2021


Halicarnassus Film Festival

Award Winner - Best Editing 10/2021



Award Winner - Best Experimental 08/2021


Mannheim Arts and Film Festival

Award Winner - Best Children and Family Friendly Film 09/2021


LA Independent Women Film Awards

Finalist - Best Experimental


Paris Short Film Festival

Official Selection


Cannes Shorts




Maria Sibylla Merian (1647–1717) was a pioneer of insect research and a scientific illustrator.

She had started to collect insects as a girl. At age 13, she raised silkworms.

As a woman Sibylla traveled to Dutch Surinam to study and record the tropical insects. She published several volumes and books.

During her life as an artist and scientist Sibylla had to overcome several impediments.

Imagine. Explore. Find your way.


Director: Stefanie Riedel

Cast: Lilia Marie Kraechter

DOP: Ulirike Poetter

Drone Pilot: Julika Riedel, Achim Koehler

2nd Camera: Jens Paritzsch

Editing / Compositing: Stefanie Riedel

Styling: Sabine Kraechter

Soundtracks: Dreamnotemusic, Victoria Beaumont

Text Editing: Jost Faßbender


Länge: 03.24








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